December 7

12PM - 4:30PM

Rug Radio Creator Day presented by Rekt

Join us at R Haus for a poolside afternoon celebrating creators and kicking off Art Basel. Enjoy lunch, music, and create content with the best of the best while networking with your favorites from Rug Radio.

  • Uniqly + Poap scavenger hunt will begin and includes rare prizes for winners
  • Sound bath and art experience with Cory Van Lew
  • Art Curation in our gallery featuring Alien Queen, OSF, Orkhan and Braw Haus
  • Screens by BlackDove and Infinite Objects
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7:30PM - 10PM

Rug Radio VIP Cocktail Reception presented by, InterCellar and Padre Azul

Join us at our exclusive VIP reception presented by our partners*.

Savor handcrafted cocktails, and experience a fine wine tasting masterclass offered by InterCellar, the Web3 Marketplace for wines & spirits with Grand Cru.

Also enjoy rare vintage Tequila brought to you by Padre Azul, with canapes, while networking alongside the creme de la creme of industry leaders and influencers. 

* Cleo is a martech platform where people can generate revenue using good as an incentive. They utilize the blockchain and NFT technology to scale, provide transparency and proof of execution. Brands like Google, Mastercard, Lenovo, HP, Hitachi and HSBC are already using the platform. Read more about Cleo, join their community or sign up to be a creator for their new marketplace launching soon at

Invite Only

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December 8

11AM - 11PM

Transient Labs Takeover

11:00 am - 12:00 pm | Transient Labs Family & Friends Brunch
By invitation only - Transient Labs will host a private event for friends, colleagues and partners.

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm | Coldie // Trippers: Search for El Dorado
Trippers: Searching for El Dorado is the genesis release for the forthcoming graphic novel experience by Coldie. It is an NFT + Physical stereoscopic 3D art series, presented in partnership with Transient Labs and Nifty Gateway. The event provides the first chance to explore the artwork using Viewmaster, 3D glasses, 3D tablet, and VR. Presale for collectors bundles and a Basel exclusive drop of mini 3D prints will be available. Physical prints will be on display and feature Transient Labs’ TRACE authentication technology.

3:30 pm - 5:30 pm | All Seeing Seneca: Perils of Sēsē
Renowned artist All Seeing Seneca is revealing her new groundbreaking generative art series, Perils of Sēsē, in partnership with Transient Labs. With a limited release of only 2,880 unique pieces, this collection represents an innovative fusion of generative and hand-drawn art, promising an immersive journey into Seneca’s mesmerizing and surreal creative realm. Join TL and Rug Radio to talk about Perils in a live broadcast from R Haus during Miami Art Week.

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7:00 pm - 11:00 pm | alterego
alterego is an experiment. 8 renowned digital artists. 8 digital canvases. Total anonymity. These creators will be working in total secrecy over Basel and their final artworks will be revealed at the alterego showcase at R Haus. Expect the unexpected.

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December 9

3PM - 6:30PM

Rug Radio Art Day

Immerse yourself in our curated panel programming, which will include discussions centered on art with some of the most talented and burgeoning artists in the digital and traditional art worlds.

  • Live Mural art by Rocsol Sound bath/live art experience with Cory Van Lew
  • Art Curation in Galleries by Vertical, Superchief Gallery, NiftyKit, Braw Haus, The Blurb
  • Screens by BlackDove and Infinite Objects

3:00 pm - 6:00 pm | In the Maybach with Mercedes-Benz NXT and Rug Radio
Join your favorite Rug Radio Creators for a comfy one on one  in our marvelous Maybach.

Art Day Panel Programming: 
3:30 pm - 4:00 pm | “Conversation with Snowfro - Bringing Chrome Squiggle 8107 to the Physical” hosted by Avant Arte

  • Erick Calderon
  • Benny Redbeard Gross

4.30 pm - 5:00 pm | “Generative Art Across Mediums” hosted by Vertical

  • Sofia Garcia
  • Ismail Tazi
  • Emily Edelman
  • Aleksandra Art

5.00 pm - 5:30 pm | “Look Touch Own” Performance Art with OONA hosted by Vertical

  • MadebyOONA
  • Raina Mehler

5:30 pm - 6:00 pm | “Winning Women Artists in Web3” hosted by Rug Radio

  • Ben White
  • Parin
  • Alien Queen
  • P1A

6:00 pm - 6:30 pm | “Toledo Museum of Art and Osinachi” hosted by Toledo Museum

  • Adam Levine
  • Osinachi
  • Benny Redbeard Gross

6:30 pm - 7:00 pm | “Genius Marketing by Genius Marketers” hosted by Decrypt Scene

  • Gmoney
  • Farokh
  • Amanda Cassatt
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7:30 pm - 9:30 pm | Rug Radio Special Announcement
Be a part of our history - Tune in for a special announcement on Rug Radio that you won't want to miss and will never forget!

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December 10

12PM - 3PM

Rug Radio x All Ships Brunch presented by Zharta

Join the All Ships community for brunch. Enjoy vibes, music, and create content with the best of the best, while breaking bread with your favorites from Rug Radio.

Art Curation in Galleries by Eva Eller, Parin Heidari, Sterling Ventura, Bryan Brinkman, Oveck, Nathan Beer, Josh Pierce, Alien T.A, Cheryl Douglas, Goku_NFT, JN Silva, Dave Krugman and more.

Invite Only

4PM - 10PM

Rug Radio Fake Basel Kickback presented by Wallet Guard and Pepe crew

The ultimate afternoon grill-out with creators, music provided by Jack & Jamo from Shellz Orb. Enjoy the vibe, music, and create content with the best of the best while networking with your favorites from Rug Radio. Screens by BlackDove and Infinite Objects.

Art Curation in Galleries - Pepe, Die with the Most Likes, Alien Queen, Braw Haus. Live Mural art by Rocsol. Sound bath/ live art experience with Cory Van Lew.

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